<![CDATA[Welcome to Rachel's Green Room - Blog]]>Sun, 21 Feb 2016 03:54:33 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[And in the meantime this happened...]]>Mon, 07 Sep 2015 18:50:39 GMThttp://www.welcometothegreenroom.com/blog/and-in-the-meantime-this-happenedHoly Hell. Has it really been almost 6 months since  I posted last?  So here are the highlights in pics, videos and haikus...


Emma in New York,
China, Berlin and Sydney
London and counting...


Toys in the Attic by Lillian Hellman 
Oct 2 - 18, 2016

We drive 2 hours
For 5 minutes in the room
2 hours back home.

It is 3am
A Video Submission
Is never worth this.

Good time management 
Is impossible for us
With multiple gigs.

Personal life stuff
Is always more important
than a play, correct?

Sensitive people,
Grief is like a tidal wave
Ebb and flow and breathe.
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There are things every professional actor needs when approaching a script in preparation for rehearsal:

1) highlighters
2) quiet time
3) Coffee
4) an open mind

I read somewhere that the first time you read a play, you should turn off your cell phone, lock the door, light candles, find the perfect music for the mood and play it on a low volume, and take it slow.  Yes, the first time you read a play. Because the first time is your first encounter to the words, the storyline, the characters, the dramatic climax, the resolution, the take-away.  The first time is special.  You never get a second chance at the first time. Create a ritual for yourself.  I wish I could tell you I had some elaborate ceremony but I don't. Yet. 

What I do have is a ritual for rehearsifying...
For Table Work:
I like to arrive early.  I like to have a coffee.  I like to have more pencils than I would need.  I like to have the box of AEA-provided-Kleenex within arms reach.  I like to have a cup of water at my station.  I like to have my glasses whether I really need them or not.  I like to have my homework.  I like to have the set design in front of me.  And I like to wear my shawl.  And after receiving these snazzy socks as a gift from a friend, I would like to wear these on "first days" for ever after. 

I LOVE rehearsal.  I can't get enough of rehearsal.  I love the room.  I love the spike tape.  I love the bowls of mints and couch drops.  I love how some Stage Managers bring doughnuts.  I love how some interns bring homemade baked goods.  I love the chance to work with old friends.  I love the chance to make new friends.  I love how in rehearsal you can steal the opportunity to watch, in awe, the other artists in the room.  I love to chance to laugh at ourselves.  I love great direction.  I love smart actors.  I love insightful playwrights.  I love working on a play with my husband - playing my husband.  I love shared vocabulary.  I love mining for gold.  I love taking a chance.  I love experimentation.  I love falling on my face.  I love sharing a breath with my scene partner.  I love the discovery.  I LOVE the imagination, I <love> the  frustration,  I LOVE the creation.  

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Happy 2015, all!  It has been awhile since I have written due to hectic schedules and feeling uninspired to write for one reason or another -- or when I was inspired I had the overwhelming feeling that I could not possibly write about THAT topic...for fear of...one reason or another...Even though I wrote it and hit delete.  One day.  One day I will have the balls for it.  Ah but...Life is overall pretty great here in our world.  Bren opened and closed a show since last post.  I was involved with a workshop/reading of a wonderful new play that will have a full production in the spring.  We both taught some acting classes for kids on the spectrum.  And I had to turn down a couple national commercial opportunities due to other commitments. (!) ...What a wacky, wonderful world.  We are happy to be sharing some time with some very close artist friends who we only see a couple of times a year.  We are starting the New Year off right!  I am kicking it off with a raw plant diet and feeling good despite the fact that my jaws hurt from all the chewing...Try it and you will understand.   Getting down to my fighting weight.  Perhaps more on that topic later in the weeks ahead.  For now I want to talk about something more pressing.  

The Imposter.  

Almost a year ago, a director/theatre educator/friend invited us to come and visit a school for consideration in their grad program.  Neither Bren nor I have an MFA.  How we are surviving in this industry without one is a miracle but we are none the less.  While extremely flattered for the opportunity and impressed with the program, we ultimately came to the conclusion that it was not the right thing for us at the time.  This friend shined a light on something that I have been mulling over off and on for this past year, and here right at the beginning of the new year, it has reared its ugly head again...He shared an insight with me regarding something that I noticed over the years and continue to struggle with -- the IMPOSTER SYNDROME.  I had never heard of this until I confessed to him that I was clearly not qualified and was feeling insecure about heading back into the classroom after so many years since undergrad.  Maybe I was not a good enough actor to be there.  He giggled as only he can, and wryly said  "Oh you have the imposter syndrome too."  I have since learned that many artists -- particularly women or artists of color have this same condition and anyone else who tends to be an over-achiever/perfectionist-- although I guess clinically it is not a "condition" per se.  Do you know this thing?  Do you have it?  Ok, let me explain this and see if it sounds familiar...

You go into an audition.  You do the monologue/cold read/scene.  Pretty good.  You get a callback.  Pretty good.  You book. YES!  Wonderful.  You immediately feel like you can't do it because as soon as you start rehearsals the director/other actors/producer/EVERYONE will discover that you can't act.    


You are working a project.  Things are going well.  People involved are happy with the work.  All is good.  Deadlines are approaching.  You are doing the work.  It hits you in the shower or at 3am in the morning -- this is about to de-rail......You begin to get the sinking feeling that SOMEHOW you have managed to trick EVERYONE into thinking that you know what you are doing in spite of the fact that you have no idea and that you are sure you are going to fuck it all up.  It is just a matter of time.  Yeah, they like you now, you SEEM to be doing a good job but just you wait...just you wait, Henry Higgins....


You book on-camera work.  You are so EXCITED!  Big paycheck ahead.  The universe provides!  While learning the lines you realize that you are not very good at acting on-camera -- actually do you know how to act at all?  You don't know what the hell you are doing...Why did they even cast me?  How did I slip past them?  I think I have to call in sick...I may cry.  Like ugly cry. There is no way I can do this...


Well, you get the idea...This is the dreaded Imposter Syndrome...It is awful.  Wait -- let me clarify something here.  To have the Imposter Syndrome you actually have to be pretty good at said profession -- whether it be acting or accounting or business or whatever.  You have to ACTUALLY have a successful career. You CAN'T really have a history of screwing things up...Then you really WOULD be an Imposter/Con/Shyster.  You have to have a pretty good track record to anyone observing from the outside -- viewing your body of work from the outside...

But the observers don't know because they have been tricked by you.  They have all been tricked.  Just because you have good reviews, have never been fired from a gig or even a jobby-job for that matter, just because other artists seem to respect you and think your work is pretty solid (do they really think that? )...You seem to be booking consistently but...It is just luck.  Statistics.  Chance.  Some people are just lucky and land on their feet, right?  Ok, now I think you get the point...It can't be because you are talented or smart or capable or worthy... You see yourself as an imposter that is sure to be found out at any moment.  With every new gig, I fear they will find out I have no talent. 
"The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. "~Sylvia Plath

I want to get rid of my Imposter.  I don't need him.  He no longer serves me.  I think he needs a name.  I attempted to name him from one of those stupid- ass quizzes that are going around the web NAME YOUR MONSTER.  "Lethal Child" doesn't seem quite right.  He is certainly not a child and while a royal pain-in-the-ass is not lethal by any means...More like an "Earl" or "Ramone."  Maybe a "Fester" or maybe he is a she... -- "Yuca-mama" seems fitting in that she is a mythical South American river snake monster that eats everything she comes near...   Maybe Yuca-Mama?  Yuca-Mama, your days are numbered...I'm coming for YOU in 2015. Watch out...

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Last night we were at a film festival with some dear friends and just as the lights went down, a tall man with a crazy, big, curly mop of hair, who seemed strikingly familiar, sat down right next to my husband, who also usually has crazy, big, curly hair. But not right now thanks.  Gigs are good...I digress.   I was transfixed on the wonderful film that we watched and the time flew by.  It was fabulous.  And I don't think I took my eyes off the screen the entire film.  As the lights came up,  I was busy drying my eyes and trying to look as if I had not been crying for the last 1/3 of the film.  The man was gone and frankly I was busy thinking about finding a hanky in my handbag.

Flash forward to an after-party.  We pushed our way through the crowd to get our signature drink and found a happy spot beyond the fray talking with some fascinating  documentary film makers wearing Converse sneakers.  Loved those guys.  I looked up and there is the guy with the hair.  How do I know you?  Our friends remind me  -- he is the star and director of a striking short film I LOVE that just so happened to win an Oscar a couple of years ago.  He walks up to us, begins to chat and I loose my mind.  I am no longer an actor or professional, I am a stupid fan.  Before I can muster an intelligent conversation,  he takes his cube of cheese and smiles politely, finishes talking to our friends and moves through the crowd, chatting it up with the sponsors, other fans &  potential investors.  I have no clear recollection of what exactly I said.  I do know that I didn't mention that I was an actor or that my husband is an actor or anything remotely like that... Funny.    Sidebar:  Do you know the play Anton in Show Business?  "Never ask an out of work actor what's next." I do think I asked him what was next.  He luckily had future projects to talk about....On the to the next project, the "Hunt" continues. This morning Bren pulled up the Youtube of him receiving the Oscar.  Surreal.  At the end of the day, just another industry guy looking for support for his work.  Albeit an Oscar- winning industry guy.  Something is strangely reassuring about that.  We are all in the same boat -  well maybe not the same boats -- different sizes and models but all boats... 

I often think about that quote about artists...Supposedly Queen Victoria is responsible for -- 

"Beware of artists. They mix with all classes of society and are therefore the most dangerous."  

Today it has been swirling around and around in my mind.  I can't imagine a group of people who have access in quite the same way as artists do.  I think about my life in just the last couple of weeks and  the truth of this statement is staggering.  We know so many influential movers and shakers in a variety of fields (law, city, county, finance, real estate and business) and they know us by name-- I have been in conversations with many of them in just the last few weeks.  I have had conversations with the fellows on the street and on their bikes who I see regularly downtown asking how their days are going.  I started my acting class for kids on the autism spectrum where we open pretend presents and climb around in imaginary jungles.  I was at a party last night where we people watched botox, high heels  and evening gowns while I stood in my second-hand shoes talking to an Oscar-winner.   We are surely lucky to be on this wild ride.  Life is indeed strange and mysterious.  
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Ever feel like this?  Too much input, not enough output?  Too much output and not enough input?  

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This is not a big earth shattering post...I burned the side of my hand this morning while cooking up some omelets for us...but it was a very hot skillet and I got the side of my thumb pretty good (bad).  And what did I do?  I went old school and went straight out to the porch and cut me a stem off my aloe vera plant.  

First let me say, if you don't have a pot of this growing in your home then go out and buy one ASAP.  They are happy little plants that are hearty and easy to grow.  And they multiply like crazy.  This little guy in the lower right of the picture was left out in the sunshine for too long and we just knew he was done for!  Not true!  We brought him inside for a couple weeks...watered him and put him close to some of our other healthy plants and look how healthy he is now!  (Look I don't have kids or pets due to our nomadic lifestyle...I love plants.  Don't judge...)

So if your grandmother never showed you how to use aloe straight from the plant, it goes like this.  The old wives tale is -- the plant will tell you which stem it is offering.  Never take the biggest one or the smallest one.  Take a moment to look and you will see which one to take.  With sharp scissors make a clean cut on your plant.  At this point you want to make sure the area for application on your skin is clean and dry.  You need to open up the stem and get the "goodie" out.  We always just use our nails to open the plant up. Working from the small part of the stem downward to our cut, just open it up. I flatten the stem out flat - sort of creating a surface with the gel exposed and apply the gel right on to the affected area.  Some people sort of squish it out of the stem like a tube of toothpaste.  Whatever works for you.  The goal is just to get a good amount of gel on the burn. It is going to be runny and sort of gross but just go with it.  It is worth it.  Viola'! 

So what is so special about aloe?  Well turns out it was given as a burial gift the Egyptian Pharaohs  and was referred to as the plant of immortality...many people even drink the stuff for weight loss and other health benies.  Depending on what you read it is either really good for you or could cause cancer...This is why we need to teach critical thinking in school....You decide for yourself...You can learn more about that here or read this  interesting article here.  Drinking it is not for me...boogers... 
#stayhealthy #healthyactors #aleoiloveyou

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Three days ago I had what I was sure was a sinus infection/ear infection. It was affecting the left side of my head -- behind my left eye.  I stayed home from work the following day.  Yesterday morning I was feeling right as rain jumped out of bed, headed to work early to prep for a meeting and then met a friend for coffee to talk about an upcoming project.  The late afternoon rain poured and I mean POURED as I walked to my car several blocks away.  It was oddly refreshing and freeing to not care that I was totally soaked.  I was only driving back home after all.  My husband was out last night teaching his acting class for kids on the autism spectrum -- last night's lesson plan included mask work.  I arrived home, put on my pj's and watched the rain for a bit.  My sinus problem was back and was really uncomfortable but had traveled to my right eye.  And this headache that was coming on...slow down now.  I boiled a stock pot full of water, added lemon, peppermint, & thieves, draped a towel over my head and listened to Shark Tank on the TV.  Didn't really help this time...I busied myself with some research for this upcoming project and came back to earth when the phone rang...it was now dark out.  I looked at the clock and realized I hadn't eaten yet.  And really didn't have a proper lunch either.  And this headache...just dull and unmoving. And while I am reading my laptop I seem to notice a flashing of the screen.  Why is this laptop flashing at me?    

Let's flash forward to the climax of the scene--  It is now closing in on midnight.  I have retired to the bedroom, salt lamp on, diffuser with oils on, and have put peppermint oil around my sinuses.  Suddenly/gradually (who knows) a searing pain is white hot behind my right eye.  Damn it all, I know this all too well... and I fear what is coming. The smell from the diffuser that I normally find comfort in is making me ill...I turn it off.  I have to get out of this room.  I stumble my way to the shower.  I turn on the water and get in.  The window is open so a cool breeze is gently coming through as I stand in the hot water flowing around my body.  I put my head under the water-- hesitating for half a second while thinking about my ears that have been aching - but who cares at this point if it will shut my brain down.  Unplug.  Disconnect.  This searing pain. The water covers my head and closes up my ears.  I hear that swirling sound - like what I imagine to be the sound of inside the womb.  Liquid nothingness.  I want to stay here for as long as I possibly can.  The sensation of the water distracts some of the pain.  And the sound is incredibly soothing.  But after a while I decide I can't stay in there forever as much as I want to... Off the water goes.  I realize I never turned on the lights.  The only light is coming from a nightlight above the sink.  It is beautiful but in the same moment terrible and distorted...I find myself on the couch with my head in my hands.  My hair is soaking or at least that is what I hear from a voice somewhere in the room.  It is thankfully dark.  Aside from another blue night light.  Now my head is cracking open.  It feels like white light is pouring out of the cracks starting at my eye and moving back across my skull.  I am being asked questions but somehow my mouth is not really working.  Even breathing...am I breathing?  Have I been holding my breathe?  Now I can feel tears on my face and I have the sensation that I might vomit.  I need to go outside.  I leave my towel behind somewhere and I walk out into the open air on the dock.  It is very dark and no one is around. The air is calm and cool and beautiful.  And soothing.  I look up into the night sky and see thousands of little twinkling lights looking down at me.  At us.  Brendan is standing beside me.  I breathe.  I stretch.  I cry. I breathe.  I can feel my feet on the wet boards of the dock.  I am in my body again. I need some water.  I drink 2 glasses full and feel like puking again.  I sit?  Do I sit?  Somehow I am in my bed.  I am laying on my husband's chest, his hand if firmly on my brain which has backed off.  Then is it back again?  Backing off...I am breathing. Just breathing.  

Ok so migraines!  Who gets 'em?  What are the hell are they?  Why do we get them???  So it turns out even the scientists can't really tell us that.  I haven't had one of these bad boys in YEARS...and suddenly here we are.  What?  Seriously?  So I have spent some time this morning trying to learn a little more.  I was prescribed some meds many, many years ago when I was dealing with them on a regular basis.  I stopped taking them pretty quickly ...Have you seen the possible side effects?  No thank you!  Not scripts for me...So here is what I learned:  

What are migraines?  Ok, so technically a migraine is a severe, painful headache.  Yep, thanks Captain Obvious. "Scientists believed that migraines were linked to the expanding (dilation) and constriction (narrowing) of blood vessels on the brain’s surface. However, it is now believed that migraine is caused by inherited abnormalities in certain areas of the brain."-- Cleveland Clinic  Oh great...abnormalities. That's never good...More from Cleveland Clinic -- "There is a migraine 'pain center' or generator in the mid-brain area. A migraine begins when hyperactive nerve cells send out impulses to the blood vessels leading to the dilation of these vessels and the release of prostaglandins, serotonin and other inflammatory substances that cause the pulsation to be painful."

What are the triggers? So obviously different people have different triggers...weather (barometric changes), emotional stress, sensitivity to food preservatives or chemicals, caffeine, tension, periods, missing meals, excessive fatigue, and/or family history.  Great.  My paternal grandmother.  They suggest to keep a journal for this...I seriously can't imagine myself doing that.  

What are Auras? Ok, here is where it gets a little woo woo for you.  This is science, y'all.  So no judgement.  These are signs that a migraine is coming.  They could include:  ringing in the ears (maybe); a change in your sense of smell (yes), taste or touch.  Visual auras could include:  distorted vision, flashing lights (!), bright spots or lights (yes), wavy or jagged lines (yes) or temporary vision loss.  These usually last under an hour and could occur before, during or after the pain.   If they last more than an hour, you may be tripping...and then it gets really weird...

Weirder symptoms? 
  1. Olfactory hallucinations (smelling smells that aren’t there)
  2. Lilliputian hallucinations (seeing little people)
  3. Increased creativity
  4. Macrosomatognosia (feeling like part/all of your body is larger than it really is)
  5. Aphasia (trouble speaking/writing or expressing language)
  6. Increased energy
  7. Increased urination
  8. Excessive Yawning
  9. Out of body experiences
  10. Teleopsia (objects seem farther away than they are)

I hesitate to admit to any of these but may or may not have experienced most of them at some time...

What to do once a migraine starts? Hang on for dear life?...Well, I wish I knew a sure fire way for relief but I always start here... try cold compresses, warm compresses, lots of pillows in a cold, dark, quiet room, pressure on my head, showers, Excedrine for Migraines,  sleep if possible and now newly added to the list - standing outside naked under the stars...

What creative minds are migraine sufferers?  Vincent Van Gogh, Thomas Jefferson, Claude Monet, Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, Charles Darwin, Virginia Woolfe, George Eliot, Sigmund Freud, Friedrich Nietzsche, Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, Elle MacPherson,  Carly Simon, Loretta Lynn, Whoopie Goldburg, Hugh Jackman...

Do you have migraines fellow artists?  What do you do?  #stayhealthy #healthyactors

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It can be exhausting being an imaginator...  You are getting ready for your day ahead, you are in the shower and you start to imagine a scenario of a meeting or a telephone call that may or may not happen later in the day.  Your mind begins to go and then suddenly your body is on auto-pilot performing whatever mindless duty is at hand while you begin to play all the roles involved in your pretend scenario.  You play out the whole scene in your mind, and even start to get really invested in why the "person" you are "talking" with just "responded" in a way that was not what you "hoped."  ...Do all actors do this?  Do normal folks?  Is this going to get me locked up?  I'll tell you right now I am not taking the meds...

Ok so how about this one...You are driving in your car or say you are riding the bus or the subway.  Suddenly you get short of breathe and for one brief moment you have a flash of real terror because you imagine that an accident is about to take place.  The driver in the car next to you is wanting to get over, you can just feel it...or the car next to the bus is just a little too close to your lane and that driver isn't even aware of it...or that girl on the subway is just about to snap (you can see it in her eyes) because she has had a really terrible day at her temp job where she puts labels on coffeemakers out in Yonkers but what she really wants to do is be a dancer but she has to have this temp job to pay for her crappy apartment where she lives with 2 room-mates who....  You can see it all play out in your mind in a nano-second.  

So we were traveling this weekend.  My husband and I are not seated together on the way home.  I get to my row and an older man is in my seat. "18E?" " Yep, 18E."  A very helpful steward (is that right? I can still say that?) comes over and suggests I sit down in the empty seat adjacent to the man while the rest of the plane boards while he gets the passenger manifesto. I learn that there are 4 dup's (the steward is laying down the lingo for me -- duplicates) on this flight...Ok.  I think, hm that's strange and unusual.  He asks if I am me.  I say I think so.  He looks at me, I say yes.  He reseats the man to his real seat according to his print out...at the back of the plane.  I ask another steward, "Does this happen often?"  I guess it does.  But generally not this many on one plane.  "How does this happen?"  Some glitch in the system she tells me -- but the real problem is when they print off the passenger list too early then that is not "right" either...They work out my situation just in time before another issue arises...Another pair of travelers are double booked with seats.  The one in the aisle is traveling with her mother and insists on sitting with her.  Oy.  We wait.  The woman from the ticket counter inside the terminal comes on board.  Neither woman is budging and the passenger that is seated can not find her boarding pass...Seriously?  Now she is saying that the ticket clerk took her ticket.  "I am the ticket clerk, m'am."  Oh lord...what is happening.  I feel my mind starting to go...who is this person?  She is a business woman by the looks of her.  Very nice handbag.  Expensive. On comes the newly printed passenger list. They work it out, just in the nick of time before the passengers around them start to get antsy and before I convince myself that she is not a business woman by an international spy...Somehow the nice steward works a miracle and my husband is sitting next to me now...I notice this guy two rows up...how do I know him?  Was he on our outbound flight?  Hm.  He looks so familiar to me...As Brendan sits down he asks me to casually look in the row behind us.  There is a VERY chatty red-head.  He swears I know who she is...I do?  She has on a houndstooth scarf.  Is she from Alabama?  She is clearly drunk.  And as I over hear her conversation...(oh please don't act like you don't do it too...) I learn that not only is she from Alabama, she is from Birmingham, we went to the same university, her parents now live in a town on the other side of the state where I did a show last season and she is in the high end real estate market.  I dare not look back again. Bren is convinced we know her.  I am convinced otherwise.  But who is that guy in in 16F?  I DO know him...I think I know him...

 As we sat on the tarmac waiting for take-off, the captain comes over the airwaves.  "So ladies and gentlemen, this is the captain speaking.  In my 20 years of flying, this is a first.  Our brakes appear to have lock-up on us..." AAAaaaaannddd we're off, there my brain goes...Something is not right here.  They are bringing a crane or something to pull us back to the terminal but I have stopped listening to the captain.  I am having a full-blown Shirley MacLaine moment.  Out on a Limb.  The camera in my mind is zooming in and pulling back at the same time.  I should text my family.  I think this may be it for us.  Why do we know these people?  Maybe this IS why the guy in 16 looks so familiar to me and why the woman behind is someone Bren has seen before.  Do I know her?  We are on the brink here  of having a major life (death) event so we must intuitively know some of this, all of this...Everyone is very calm on the plane.  The atmosphere is very positive.  Is that a sign? Why is everyone so happy?  I can see exactly how it goes down.  Various scenarios play out in my mind while I am looking and nodding and smiling as my husband is saying something to me that I just can't quite hear. My mind is filled with dialogue & scenarios of the tragic future events playing out in the movie in my mind...We are back at the terminal.  We change planes.  After snacks are purchased and bathrooms are used, we all load onto another plane.  How is it that they just happen to have another plane sitting there?  Conspiracy minds at work...Here we go again...Now they are handing out free cocktails.  Oh no.  They know.  They are just trying to make us comfortable.  I  successfully distract myself with a book. Someone else's story.  And suddenly I am fully engaged in Gloria Vanderbilt's childhood...Before I knew it we had touched down to earth once again...

But my god.  Imaginators busy at work...Please tell me that this is the unfortunate side effect of the creative brain...#actorproblems 

ps. I don't know who you are jennifer nicole lee but that image rocks and you have disappeared off the interweb...

<![CDATA[Growing pains]]>Mon, 22 Sep 2014 22:42:26 GMThttp://www.welcometothegreenroom.com/blog/growing-painsYou can not kick start a dead horse...